2018: A Review in Pictures

“For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever.” Romans 11:36

January 2018


In Lexington, KY after Val’s nephew Bruce was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor


Vermont, Val’s younger sister April’s wedding




February 2018


Snuggles with Yoyo (Val’s dad) before heading back…


…to Kenya

March 2018

Val’s sister April visits Tenwek


Bakery duka (shop) opens at Tenwek!


Dr. Iocono–pediatric surgeon from the University of Kentucky, teacher and mentor for Clark through med school and residency, reader of Sandra Boynton to Hannah–comes to work at Tenwek


Full-time Swahili study with our tutor Carol



Celebrating Beatrice’s birthday

April 2018



Our first visit to the Baby Centre in Nakuru, Kenya to witness this sweet girl’s adoption


Relaxing at the Kenyan coast, WGM Kenya retreat


Friend and former co-resident Dr. David Flemig comes for game night! (And to work on the pediatric ward…)

May 2018


Clark back to work at the hospital after a couple months of language study


First goat curry



June 2018





Pizza night with the interns

July 2018


Hannah’s 2nd Birthday, much sausage was had by all…



We return to Lexington, KY as Bruce’s tumor begins to rapidly progress


August 2018



Warm welcome home to Kenya

Our piano arrives


Potty trained!


Clark gets NHIF (Kenyan national health insurance) to agree to fund surfactant which Tenwek begins keeping in stock. This medicine is usually given as a one time dose to save premature babies whose lungs are not ready to make surfactant on their own.

September 2018


First ringworm!


To Zanzibar for more Swahili study


Touring Zanzibari hospital with ICU Dr. Rashid (center) and Val’s Swahili teacher Mohammed (right)



Potty trained (alternative method)!


Clark successfully locates, barters for, and purchases a “bisibisi” (screwdriver) using only Swahili


October 2018


Village Catholic Mission clinic




Visiting Val’s Swahili teacher Saida’s home


Val’s speechifies (in Swahili) about “The Importance of Libraries” to this group of university Library Sciences students


Finishing up Swahili studies with an interview with the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation


(Part of) our host family during our two months in Zanzibar: Mama Raya with her second youngest son Luqman

November 2018


Taking a few final days in Zanzibar to relax….


Back to Kenya and Tenwek Hospital in time to celebrate World Prematurity Day

December 2018

group shot

World Gospel Mission Kenya Field meetings, Christmas celebration, and retreat


Confirmation that Sleeth baby #2 is on the way and due to arrive the end of June!

From Bomet, Kenya to wherever you may be, merry Christmas! We celebrate Immanuel, God is with us.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

“The Lord of hosts is with us.” Psalm 46:7

“”And they shall call his name Immanuel” which means, God with us.” Matthew 1:23


23 thoughts on “2018: A Review in Pictures

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing journey. Miss seeing you all. Take care you are doing wonderful things and congrats on baby 2!


  2. Here is how my last few minutes have gone:


    You little sneaky sneaks, I WAS NOT READY for the last pic and am so THRILLED!!!!

    I was planning my post to say something like “what a gift you guys give us by letting us see you live out your faith with such stunning kindness and effectiveness and compassion and conviction,” and I was going to include something about how much I love and admire you and something else about how Hannah looks like the sweetest little friend and how the compilation photos of her eating various things is life giving, but now I’m all flustered and PSYCHED, so I can’t say any of that, and all I can do is squeal with delight. Sorry. But in my defense, as previously mentioned, I was not ready.

    Praising our God and thanking Him for His gifts, and especially for the one inbound this June! Merry Christmas, dear Sleeths!


  3. Praise God a baby brother or sister for Hannah! Merry Christmas and God’s blessings for a safe, healthy, blessed New Year. Love you all. Thanks for sharing.


  4. So awesome seeing all of the incredible work y’all have done this year!! Congratulations on baby #2 as well!! Glad to see y’all are well!


  5. You guys are amazing! I humbled and truly blessed to know you. Prayers and love this holiday season. CONGRATS on #2 — sending you a HUGE hug!


  6. Loved the update for the past year! Continuing to pray for your family as you head into the new year and as you prepare to be joined by a new baby. So exciting- congrats!

    Merry Christmas from Thailand! Alyssa


  7. Hey guys,

    Merry Christmas and happy new year. You have had quite a year full of ups and downs. We continue to pray for the Lord to be near you as you grieve, and to give you a happy little girl, meaningful work, and fluent language. You totally crack me up sneaking that black-and-white photo toward the end!! Congratulations and praise the Lord for your new blessing.

    Much love in Jesus,

    Amanda (and Jon)


    m: +36 20 517 9708

    w: https://www.internationalministries.org/author/aj-good/

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  8. Reviewing these pictures a second time, brings sadness and many smiles. What a full year you’ve had – time spent with April and her family before Bruce’s passing; language school; visitors, work, etc. Little Hannah is getting so big and seems to have adapted in her new home, making new friends and creating fun memories. I haven’t heard anything regarding Robin, Patrick and their family since Bruce passed away. They continue to be in my prayers along with you, Clark and Hannah. I love getting your news letters and for sure, pictures are a thousand words and seem to say most of it I’m sure.

    How is your new language learning coming? Are you working part time? It seems like I heard at one point that you were wanting to do this. And how exciting that you have a new little one coming later this year.

    Christmas this year for us was very different but wonderful. We got together with Kirsten and her boyfriend Michael, Jodie and her boyfriend Beppe, Cindy and Amanda on December 16th to have our traditional Christmas tree decorating party, watch the SeaHawks game, play table games as a family and eat all day long homemade soup and finger foods. That evening we opened Christmas gifts and the next day Irv and I took down the Christmas tree and put all the Christmas decorations away. Our family was going different directions for Christmas so this was the only time we had to get together to enjoy together our “traditional” Christmas time.

    On December 19th Jodie and her boyfriend, Beppe flew to Italy to spend two weeks (including Christmas) with Beppe’s mom and brother. Beppe and his family are Italian, He works for an Italian company who has him stationed at one of their offices in Mill Creek, not far from Everett, WA. Beppe’s dad died a year ago. His brother is a neurosurgeon. We think Beppe is wonderful. Waiting to see what their future holds. The Saturday before Christmas, Irv, Amanda, Kirsten and I headed for Crescent City, CA where we spent Christmas with Nikki and her family. On the way there, we dropped Cindy off in Puyallup, WA where she spent Christmas with her daughter, Jessica and grandson, Micah. We drove back home the Thursday after Christmas and stopped in Albany, OR where we had lunch with our daughter, Kymm, her husband, Kelly and two out of six of our grandkids. We enjoyed the couple of hours we were able to spend with them. It was a real gift to spend this time with most of our kids during Christmas holidays.

    Kirsten met her new boyfriend maybe about 4-6 months ago on an on-line dating site. We’ve only spent a little time with him twice but he seems very nice and settled. Our concern is that things seem to be moving pretty fast. Life as we’ve known it around here seems to be changing pretty rapidly. Kirsten keeps so busy that we don’t get to see her very often. Jodie and Beppe manage to connect with us about every other week.

    I had my second follow-up surgery this last November 14th. They finished up the reconstructive surgery from my double mastectomy done last March. Everything went well and I was back to work six days after surgery. After two major surgeries in less than one year I’m finding it a little difficult to regain the strength I once had but am happy to be healthy and able to work. The second surgery seemed like a piece of cake compared to the first one in March.

    I so enjoy your letters and hearing/seeing how things are going. It’s nice to hear about your dad once in a while. He seems to be enjoying his retirement years and staying busy with friends and former colleagues (lots of traveling).

    By the way! I am so appreciative of Carla reaching out to Aaron. She has been such a blessing to him over the years and doesn’t seem to give up on him – even during this second stint in prison. She recently sent him a book by C.S. Lewis – The Screwtape Letters. Aaron is reading this and calling to talk to Irv about how the book is blessing him and asking many questions. He’s also spending a little time in the Word. Please keep him in your prayers. He is married and has a little boy, Jayceon who just turned 2 yrs. on December 13th. Jodie takes Jayceon into the prison a couple of times a month so that he and Aaron are able to build a relationship. Aaron’s wife, Jacqi isn’t allowed to visit since she was involved in the felony Aaron was arrested for. This has obviously taken a real tole on their marriage. They talk on the phone almost daily. Jacqui and her family are part of the Indian tribe in Puyallup. They are helping her pay for schooling. She is taking some college courses and she and Jayceon live with her sister, husband and daughter in Spanaway, WA (near Tacoma). None of them are Christian so I would appreciate having you pray for all of them. She is very encouraging and supportive of connecting with us which is nice. We plan to meet she and Jayceon for lunch after church this Sunday – before Jodie takes Jayceon into the prison for a 3 hr. visit with Aaron.

    Your letter has been sitting in my “Inbox” with the intent of writing sooner. Sorry this has taken so long. At some point, when I figure out how to get my pictures transferred from my phone to the computer, I will send you some updates. Love you all!

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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