Giving Link: For Want of a Syringe Pump

[We forgot to include the giving link on our original post! Click here to give or scroll to the bottom]

You are likely familiar with the adage about the kingdom that was lost for want of a nail.  Critical care in the ICU and NICU is often like that – outcomes can hinge on one or a hundred small details rather than one big decision. 

Right now, at Tenwek, the “nail” we are in need of is syringe pumps. 

These devices are used to dose medicines with extreme precision.  This is critical–especially in small children, where the difference between an accurate and harmful dose can be just a quarter mill[iliter per hour. 

The child in the video below is on one such medicine, and is using one of the thirty syringe pumps we have at Tenwek Hospital.  Most of the time all of these pumps are in use. When a new need comes up, some other medicine will be stopped or given in a less precise manner.

This year, we have the opportunity to order a number of pumps at wholesale rate.  $60,000 will cover the shipping and customs and purchase enough pumps to meet our current utilization. Any additional money donated will be used to meet other urgent critical care equipment needs. 

We are asking for your help to meet this need so we can serve our patients better.  You will never hear from those whose lives you save – so on behalf of the pediatric team at Tenwek, we want to say thank you.

Click here to give!

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